2 September 2016 Choosing the Right Materials!

When you decide to purchase a new home from Rheault Construction, you are making the decision to create your dream and to turn it into reality!

Have you ever thought about what you really want?

What would your dream home look like? What features would you like it to have?

What layout would be best for you?

Choosing Rheault Construction is choosing to play an active role in the building project while enjoying peace of mind.

After all, giving superior value to your new home is part of the building process.

You have several decisions to make to create a truly unique home: adjusting interior and exterior plans, choosing top-of-the-line eco-friendly materials, choosing materials and options that will define your home's design and aesthetic look.

The team at Rheault construction is well-aware that these decisions can cause a great deal of stress.

This is why Rheault Construction offers a personalized guidance service for such decisions. Our goal is to meet your needs, reflect your values and tastes, all while respecting your budget.

Decisions are made in the sample room: You can see and feel them.

Panorama salle de montre

We walk you through the process. You can view the 3D changes in real time.

Once all the materials are chosen, the house's framework is built, and insulation and exterior finishing is undertaken. Rheault Construction takes charge of quality control and performs thorough follow-ups throughout the building process. You will be updated on all the steps, as if you were building it yourself, minus the worries, energy and time invested. 

We offer full transparency in order for you to take away a positive experience from this colossal project. Rheault Construction aims to achieve your utmost satisfaction and foster a relationship of trust between you and the entire team.